SG | Under Pressure: Perfection Pressure

Have you ever felt like your best just wasn't good enough? You are not alone

. Lien Faelens (Ghent University) will look at perfection pressure and the stress to be the best. Tour dynamics at the intersection between social media technique, social network site users and society. In her cutting edge research on young adults and adolescents, she focuses on the underlying mechanisms and interplay between identity constructs and social media in order to better understand perfection pressure. Explore how societal values would seem to be evolving in the realm where individuals are increasingly attributing meaning to their lives. From performance pressure to social comparison and the fear of missing out, gain insights into the positive and negative consequences of social media use and the nature of risks this entails.
Studium Generale (WUR)
Datum:18 jun 2019 vanaf 20:00

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