Wageningen Foodsharing Festival

This year Wageningen Foodsharing already exists for 5 years

. After 5 years of picking up food, 5 years of creating awareness and 5 years of progress, it's time for our own festival. We would like to celebrate our 5th anniversary with you! What better way to do that than by eating dishes together made from the food that our foodsaver picked up, toasting on our 5th anniversary, enjoying the sounds of some of Wageningen's talented musicians and listening to wonderful poetry. You can even participate in a workshop created by our members, in which you can share your own ideas about food waste, learn from each other and reduce food waste even more than you already did!
Datum:25 apr 2019 vanaf 19:00

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E-mailadres: info@thuiswageningen.nl


Adres: Stationsstraat 32, 6701AM, Wageningen