Echo the world - Concert VocalGroup Echo & VocalGroup Yambé

VocalGroup Echo & VocalGroup Yambé invite you to their performance on the 17th of January! With a repertoire with songs from all over the world, it promises to become a wonderful evening

. There are two performances: one that starts at 19.30 and one that starts at 21.00. Be sure to choose the right time for your ticket! Unfortunately, you can only reserve one ticket at a time. Please bring the receipt with you (either printed or on your phone), which you will receive via your e-mail address. Thank you and we are looking forward to having you!
Theaterzaal De Wilde Wereld
Datum:17 jan 2019 vanaf 19:00
Entree:4,00 euro

Locatie contactgegevens

Telefoonnummer: 0317-425714


Omschrijving: Theaterzaal De Wilde Wereld
Adres: Burgtstraat 1, 6701DA, WAGENINGEN