Lunchconcert: MAXX - ArtEZ in residence

MAXX is an extraordinary musician based in Berlin. Her music balances powerful beats and fine detail, blending into a unique and warming sound.

Her lyrics are thoughtful reflections of her life and perspectives, and through them she invites her audience onto a journey. She mixes different kinds of soul-pop music with influences from hip-hop, jazz and more.

MAXX's origins are in Düsseldorf. Born in Germany but being only minutes away from the Netherlands, MAXX also travelled widely in her youth and was influenced by various cultures
Impulse (WUR)
Datum:17 apr 2018 vanaf 12:30

Locatie contactgegevens

Telefoonnummer: 0317-482828


Omschrijving: Futurum, gebouw 115
Adres: Stippeneng 2, 6708WE, WAGENINGEN