Experiencing Film with Kevin Toma: Fantastic Cinema

Together with Kevin Toma, movie reviewer De Volkskrant, we explore the ‘Fantastic Cinema’. Kevin will show several scenes from ‘fantastic’ movies, analyse how they stimulate our senses and discuss them with the public.

How can a movie create a world which is far away from reality? How do filmmakers imagine the subconscious? Do they invent new filmic means, or do they use the familiar ones, like flash-back and editing?
Among others, we will dig into surrealism in cinema, the cinematographic exploration of the supernatural, and beauty in horror. We watch and discuss a series of mind blowing movie scenes, some famous, some hardly known. It promises to be a fantastic journey!
Studium Generale (WUR)
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Datum:21 sep 2017 vanaf 20:00

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Omschrijving: Art Cinema Movie W
Adres: Wilhelminaweg 3, 6703CC, WAGENINGEN


Adres: Wilhelminaweg 3, 6703CC, WAGENINGEN